Battlefield 3 Book in the Works

And no, it's not a strategy guide.

Recently spotted on, a book with the title Battlefield 3 has made its way around the internet; what’s more, it isn’t listed under the strategy guide classification.  Its current listing of “Mass Market Paperback” means otherwise and the current authors are a DICE employee by the name of Patrick Bach and a former SAS operative named Andy McNab. 

Books containing standalone narratives that are based off of video games series are very popular and quite common, with series such as Resident Evil, Star Wars and Halo having spawned many of them.  Current odds are, however, that it’s probably a story based on the game.  Either way, it’s set to drop simultaneously alongside Battlefield 3 on October 25th.

[ Source: Joystiq ]

Jason Bond
Jason Bond
Jason Bond

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