Battlefield 3 on Steam?

Probably not, at least not for the moment..

According to a recent Joystiq article, it looks as though DICE’s anticipated FPS may not come to Valve’s download platform.  Remember that Steam recently removed many games off of their servers before re-installing them due to some sort of contractual infringement involving Crysis 2.

In a list that was put out by EA, their own Origin service appears as a platform for Battlefield 3, but Steam is conspicuously left off the listing.  A few other sites are on there, though, like Direct2Drive and GamersGate but alas, not Steam.  EA has stated that Origin is simply another choice for buyers, rather than being designed as a PC-exclusive platform for their own titles.  The company also stated that it’s not trying to compete with Steam by using Origin. 

I myself am grateful that Electronic Arts isn’t going to withhold all their future titles from Valve’s distribution service; I trust Steam with my personal information and use it for quite a few games.  EA states that the true rationale behind not publishing specific releases with a third party, such as Steam, is to avoid complications when it comes to DLC, new levels and/or patches.  Here’s hoping that users have the choice to utilize whichever service they prefer — whether it be Origin, Steam or whatever else they’re partial to.

[Source: EA via Joystiq]

Jason Bond
Jason Bond
Jason Bond

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