Official Battlefield Blog Gets an Update

I'm still asking the same question: is it October 25th yet?

Okay, so once more we get to visit my favorite upcoming shooter, Battlefield 3.  I keep tabs on the website as some of you may know from reading my previous posts concerning the game.  So in these past two weeks EA has started an official Battlefield Blog.  In the first post which dropped last week, there was an interview with Lars Gustavsson on some of the multiplayer aspects of the game.

Traditionally the Battlefield games have mostly focused on the conquest mode, with the exception of the Bad Company series which introduced Rush mode.  I’m all fine with this but as a traditional Battlefield player I have been more used to the first of the two modes, and according to the first blog post that’s not a bad thing.  Gustavasson has stated that the design mentality behind Battlefield 3 is focused on giving players as many tactical options as possible.  In a quote from the Battlefield Blog, Gustavsson has said that previous Battlefield titles have demanded that gamers ““play the game our way, or play something else.  Now, we have made a conscious effort to reverse that mentality. ”

In the most recent post on the blog,  Gustavsson focused on one of the new multiplayer maps, Operation Metro.  In the beginning for Rush, there is a wide open area filled with lush trees and bushes, which quickly moves on to a bombed out subway tunnel.  Afterwards it moves up to the streets of Paris and the Paris Stock Exchange.

Okay, now lets move on to the second post.  This one is really the juiciest part of the post that makes me the happiest.  First off, we have our four main classes with certain subsets.  For one thing, medics are goin back in the assault class.  This makes me immensely happy as now I won’t have to see a medic class sitting in the back with a machine gun spamming away and not dropping med kits or reviving.  From what we’re told you can delve between both medic or full on run an gun, as customization is key.  Engineers are also going to be using carbines and will be able to construct obstacles or barricades to obstruct enemy fire.

In more good news, the support kit is returning.  Of particular note is the new bi-pod addition, which will let support players mount light machineguns on rails or on the ground when lying prone.    Something else that was mentioned in the article was that someone could let a full 200 rounds from a LMG go quickly with good accuracy.  This makes me think they are doing away with the barrel overheats from BF2, but if you can get points for suppressive fire and a bi-pod, I think it could work.

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Gustavsson didn’t really discuss the recon kit too much and explained those class changes will be addressed in a future post.  He did say, however, that there were adjustments made to the recon class to make it viable even at exceedingly long range.  This all just gets me all the more pumped up for the game, and I am very happy to hear medics for sure are going back to assault rifles.  I’m very excited to hear what’s coming next.

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Jason Bond
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