Battlefield 3 to Have Ten Times the Unlockables as Predecessor

Unlockables described as "tasty."

It’s no secret that part of the draw that keeps players coming back to a game are unlocks and rewards/achievements.  Battlefield 2 offered what its makers refer to as a “deep persistence system,” as well as a good amount of unlockable weapons and rewards.  Battlefield 3 is apparently going to up the ante significantly by offering ten times the hardware unlockables for weapons and gadgets, as well as an expansion in the vehicular department.  The title will also have rewards such as medals, ribbons, and service stars.  This is a trend that we have seen in numerous other multiplayer shooters, such as Halo: Reach.  The ranking system and rewards are in part similar to its predecessor’s. Medals, on the other hand, are more difficult to obtain than other rewards and are only given out to mark milestones in your career.

Service stars are obtainable for different weapons, as well as vehicles and your overall rank.  Not only does this give you more to work for in the game, but you also will be eligible for bragging rights.  Finally, guns and player characters will be able to be customized with upgrades and skill sets, respectively.

[Source: Battleblog]

[Image via Battleblog]

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