EA Battleblog #7

Co-Op actually will work?! It will also be useful for multi-player?!

So another week and another Battleblog.  This time we’re told about the new co-op mode.  The mission is “Exfiltrate Hamid El Zakir” and the mission involves getting a defecting informant out of a hot zone.  The usual “if your buddy goes down you can revive him” option is available in co-op mode, and what is even cooler is you can back away to a safe place and use your side arm to defend yourself while you wait for your buddy to get to you.  Also nice, we’re told that in co-op mode you will get rewards that will transition into multi-player! Looks like I’ll actually have a reason beyond just playing co-op for the hell of it!  I’m manning the 50 cal!


[ Source: EA Battleblog ]

Jason Bond
Jason Bond
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