Gamescom 2011: DmC Trailer

While the main character might not look like Dante, he can sure kill demons like Dante.

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Dante’s new look has been perceived by many fans (including yours truly and just about all of the rest of the MTB staff) as questionable at best, but the gameplay still looks as if it will retain the true Devil May Cry formula. DmC appears to be taking Dante down a dark path of angst, but not without keeping the stunning combos and combat intact.

This Gamescom 2011 trailer shows off the gameplay of DmC, and despite Dante looking like an emo Twilight reject, the combat looks as flashy and impressive ever. If you look closely you can even see the new Dante in what is presumably a version of the classic Devil Trigger form in which he has white and hair and a red coat. While the story is still a big question mark there is one thing that is surely going to stay true to the Devil May Cry series, and that is that Dante will always be ready to kick some ass.

[Pictures and Video via CapcomUnity]

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