Gamescom 2011: Mass Effect 3 Trailer

BioWare drops Combat Reveal Video 1.

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“The battle for Earth has begun.”  That is the line that EA and BioWare tantalize us with as the latest Mass Effect 3 trailer closes out.  The footage is all in-game and shows off Shepard and the crew mixing it up with some angry dudes.  Staying true to promises from the development team, the video shows off combat that is much faster and more action oriented than in previous entries in the series.

Gun fire and biotic attacks fly left and right as the team fights for their lives against a fierce onslaught.  The commander then moves in close and shows off the new and, from the looks of it, far superior melee mechanics.  The trailer goes on for almost two minutes, but the on-screen action goes down at such a lightning quick pace that you’ll swear the entire thing was over in seconds.

The animations for popping in and out of cover and the use of various combat tactics and other moves have noticeably smoothed over from Mass Effect 2.  After the team mops up the standard bad guys, a mech shows up and eats dozens of bullets without taking any damage.  As in the previous outings, gamers will once again have to make good use of the more powerful weapons and abilities in the game to take larger threats down.  The trailer has us itching for the March 2012 release of Mass Effect 3, but in the meantime, we’ll gladly settle for Combat Reveal Video 2 whenever EA sees fit to let it loose.

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