Gamescom 2011: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor First Trailer

Will use both Xbox controller and Kinect simultaneously.

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It’s been darn close to a full year since Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor was first announced at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show, and Capcom has decided that it is high time to actually show off the game. I admittedly skipped over the original Steel Battalion and its convoluted controller, but even I must admit that the game’s debut trailer is fantastic. The game is apparently set in an era during which The Big One seems to be raging on between the Axis and Allied powers with one catch: bad ass mechs are blasting the crap out of everything on the battlefield.

On top of the trailer, Capcom also provided some info on the game’s controls. Taking a cue from the franchise’s past, Heavy Armor will again have insanely complicated controls. Not only will players have to gesture with Kinect, but they will also have to use the traditional Xbox controller. Movement, aiming, and firing is relegated to the controller while Kinect is utilized for starting the engine, using the scope, or operating a turret-mounted machine gun. No one said war would be easy, son.

[Source: Joystiq]

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