Only One Soldier Per Battlefield 3 Player

Grab your pitchforks, it's going down.

Well, we recently learned that DICE’s Battlefield 3 would require a subscription to EA’s Origin service to be able to play the game, at least if bought at a retailer.  This type of packed-in-game “insurance” is something EA and several other companies have implemented to discourage gamers from buying used games.  Buying a used game would require a separate purchase to buy a code, which may end up being more than just buying a new copy.  EA’s version of this is an Origin account, which is a universal account across all EA games that ties specific games to a user’s account.

The use of Origin for Battlefield 3 is not really what is going to get gamers a little angry.  DICE’s Daniel Martos has announced that only one soldier will be able to be used with each Origin account.  Although I have never played a previous game in this series, apparently older versions let you use several soldiers per player.  It gets even “better” too, as the Origin account holder’s display name for the account will be stuck as the soldier’s name.  The only way to change your soldier’s name would be to change your Origin account display name.  So any players out their that were planning on naming their soldier “Sir BF3LoverXOXO” are kind of out of luck.


[Source: Battlefield 3 Blog]

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