Pachter: PS3 Will Win Holiday Sales Battle Barring a 360 Price Cut

The well-known analyst sees trouble ahead for Microsoft if they don't introduce a lower MSRP for the Xbox.

“If Microsoft does nothing, I think PS3 will outsell Xbox 360.” That’s the most recent word from Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter on the impending holiday console sales war. The industry analyst believes that while the retail battle will be a tight one, Sony is going to topple Microsoft unless the Xbox gets a price drop soon. Microsoft’s console has continued to outsell the PS3 this year, but the PlayStation camp has been gathering steam in the wake of the console’s recent price drop to $249.99 – $299.99.

Pachter thinks that a similar price drop for the Xbox 360 is an inevitability. “However, my friends at Microsoft are extremely proud, and they absolutely refuse to tolerate the possibility that the PS3 will outsell the Xbox 360,” he continued. “I think they have the ads printed for the Xbox 360 price cut, and will drop them on us the instant they see PS3 sales greater than 360 sales.” If Microsoft proves him correct, prospective console buyers will have a lot more to think about during the holiday sales period.

[Source: Industry Gamers]

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