Shank 2 Announced

Hop inside to feast your eyes on the announcement trailer.

Electronic Arts has just announced during a press show in Las Vegas that Shank 2 is in the works. The 2D brawler is targeting a release in early 2012 and EA says the dev team is injecting some new features into the combat system. Ex-hit man Shank will once again wield an impressive array of death-dealing weapons. Players will have again have access to the handguns, shotguns, automatic weapons, chainsaws, machetes and grenades from the first game. On top of that, some new weapons and moves will also be thrown in.

Developer Klei Entertainment says that the game has been in development for one year and they are excited to finally reveal “the best thing that Klei has done to date.” Shank 2 will be released on PSN, 360 and digital PC platforms.

[Sources: Klei, @EAWendyPR and Electronic Arts]

[Image and video via Klei.]

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