Street Fighter x Tekken: Pandora Trailer

I keep throwing money at the screen... But it won't take it.

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While Namco x Capcom was fun and all, what fighting game fans wanted to see was this: An epic throw downs between the fighting franchises.  This looks like it will offer lots of action and new ways to bring the pain to your opponents as well as  your teammate.  The story revolves around a mysterious cube from space that falls to Earth.  Highly responsive to life forms in brutal conflict, it seemed only natural that a crossover would be a result.  New features include 2-on-2 Dual Battle, online training where you can spar with a friend or train cooperatively; Scramble mode, which allows for a simultaneous four player battle; and Pandora, which allows you to sacrifice your teammate for a huge power boost.  No release date has been announced.

Oryanna Corsey
Oryanna Corsey
Oryanna Corsey

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Oryanna is a longtime gamer who has enjoyed seeing gaming come up from it's infancy in Pong to the current state it is in today. She currently plays a few MMO's, but finds romantic evenings watching her husband play a good action RPG intriguing as a good movie.

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