Battlefield 3 Drops Launch Trailer

I can haz Battlefield 3?

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Battlefield 3 is getting closer to launch and this busy gamer is making the time to get knee deep into the action even more with this new trailer that dropped today. The Battlefield games prior to the Bad Company series basically didn’t have single player modes, so some fans might be a bit put off.  However, the single player campaign — from everything I’ve been seeing — has been amazing so far, and I am as incredibly pumped to play the single player as I am the multiplayer.

The trailer follows what appears to be a Marine being held hostage by some insurgents as a rescue force is put together to go in and extract him.  Previously we only really saw shots of urban close quarters combat in Iran, and videos of tanks and such.  Now we’re seeing shots of cruisers and aircraft carriers with jets in the single player!  Just a few more days!


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Jason Bond
Jason Bond
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