BlizzCon 2011 Unleashes a New Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm Trailer

Oh Blizzard, how we love you so...

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Today is only the first day of this year’s BlizzCon, but Blizzard is wasting no time with its immediate media barrage. As you’ll see throughout the evening on Mash Those Buttons, there’s a ton of news and trailers coming out regarding upcoming Blizzard titles. Of course we all expected a new trailer for the upcoming Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, and Blizzard has delivered in standard epic fashion. We’re not going to sit here and gush about the well of delight and excitement this new video brings out in the MTB SCII fans, but the trailer sure is something special.

The video features a lot of story sizzle and lavish cutscenes, but also contains quite a bit of in-game content. New units and abilities are teased in split second flashes as absurdly epic music pounds out the beats. You’ll have to pause here and there to catch some of the more subtle changes (apparently the Queens can now throw creep anywhere in singleplayer), but the absolute spectacle of the video makes it worth watching again and again.

Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits

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