EA Is (Possibly) Trying to Crappify Dead Space

WARNING: Post may cause excessive anger.

Dead Space 2

It’s really sad that I have to pray for the video games I like not to get too popular.  I want it to be just popular enough for the developer/publisher to continue with the series. but I worry that once it hits a certain level, the ‘crapification’ process will begin.  According to rumors, this may be happening with the Dead Space series.

According to ananonymous insider, top brass at EA is instructing the Dead Space team to make the series “bigger and better.”  When they say bigger and better, they mean expanding into other genres.  So far the plan is to make a Dead Space FPS, Dead Space flight game (really? really.), and a Dead Space “Uncharted-like” game.  I would ask a question here, but if this is true, it’s obvious that the top brass has no idea what makes Dead Space actually Dead Space.  This is clearly an example of a publisher wanting to take a known name and whore it out to other genres to pull in some additional cash.  That bigger and better statement definitely wouldn’t be aimed towards the fans.

A Dead Space FPS could technically work, but you lose some of the perspective that adds extra depth to the environment.  A flight game?  No.  An “Uncharted-like” Dead Space game?  I don’t know if I want to break up my typical pants-soiling gaming experience to do some platforming.  At this point, these are all rumors so only time will tell if they are accurate.  I only hope that if EA is really looking to pump money into the series, that they take that cash and use it to make Dead Space 3 – the undisputed champion of the survival horror genre.  Also, please don’t make it Origin exclusive for PC.  Kay?  Thanks!

Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding

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