Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Map Diorama Collection

Piece together an entire world, ala Dragon Warrior VII

If you are a fan of the Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior series, there’s an upcoming collectible that could interest you.  It’s a replica of the world Alefgard that you put together. The item will be available in March 2012 in Japan, but can always be imported here (via AmiAmi for example).  The only downside to this set is that it costs about $60 (4,620 Yen), and that you are getting a “blind” box containing nine pieces in it.  The complete map is eleven pieces in total, but it is impossible to determine how many sets you will need to buy to build the whole map.  Nevertheless, this is a pretty cool item for fans of the series.


[Source: Tiny Cartridge]

[Image via Tiny Cartridge]

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Jessica Weimar
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