Humble Bundle Four Giveaway – Twitter Follower Contest

Make Benefit Glorious Nation of MTB Twitter Increase!

First off, I wanted to thank all our current followers, as well as our new ones (welcome!), for making the Skydrift Giveaway such a rousing success. Unfortunately we had only one Skydrift code to give away, but the inclusion of all the game’s DLC made it a nice package for our winner. So congratulations to @Ravenlock on being that lucky person, and to Digital Reality for providing the package.

Now we have a new contest, one with more chances to win an even bigger package: The Humble Indie Bundle #4! This started when our glorious leader, Comrade Jarret, issued a challenge that I couldn’t pass up…

Kind of self-explanatory, right? The Humble Bundle isn’t on sale indefinitely though (it ends in 8 days), so there are some specifics. Here’s the official breakdown:

  • The contest will end on December 27th at 5pm EST
  • If in that timeframe @mtbsite gets 150 Followers we will give away four Humble Indie Bundles (one per person) at random to our followers.
  • Current followers are eligible, too. You don’t have to do anything like re-follow us or such silliness.
  • MTB writers and Game companies/studios will count towards the # of followers, but will be excluded from winning a bundle.

There’s no need to enter with a tweet or anything, just get your friends on board and spread the word! At the time of this writing we only need 47 more followers to pull this off, so go forth, Button Mashers, and spread the gospel. This is the best Humble Bundle of the year, there’s no reason anyone should miss out!

Here’s a readymade tweet to help get the word out, if you need it:

Get @mtbsite to 150 followers by Dec 27th and win 1 of 4 @humble bundles. #MTBgetsHumble

And for those who aren’t following us already, what are you waiting for?


[Featured image source: Cliff Chiang]

Robert Hill-Williams
Robert Hill-Williams
Robert Hill-Williams

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