Left 4 Dead Boomer Action Figure Sneak Peak

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Haven’t you ever wanted an action figure that makes you cringe?  Personally, I had an original Resident Evil 2 action figure that was a two pack with Claire Redfield and a zombie cop.  The weapon included was a crossbow that shot an arrow at the cop, and the cop would split into two pieces upon being hit in his exposed intestines.  Sure, it was a little mature for a kid’s toy, but it was 1998 and times were crazy back then.  As disturbing as that just sounds, new action figures that reportedly will release in Spring 2012 are inspired by the game Left 4 Dead.  If you’ve never played it, it is a game much like the Resident Evil series but will a distinctive multiplayer element.

It’s also a game with several disturbing zombie types that each have things that make them “special”.  Take the boomer for instance, who is a disgusting blob of rotting human flesh.  When you get too close to it, it will either vomit on you or explode.  Now imagine, if you will, an action figure version of this abomination.  Thanks to the NECA you don’t have to, because they’ve made actions figures of the characters including the “Boomer”.  Realistically rendered, these “toys” are likely more suitable to collect than to play with, but we appreciate the effort regardless.

[Source: Joystiq]

[Image via Joystiq]

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