Valve Shoots Down Half-Life 3 Rumor

Community manager kills the latest rumor about the Last Free Man.

A Valve community manager has officially labeled the latest Half-Life 3 rumor as erroneous. Despite wild speculation to the contrary by obsessive fans, the word from Valve is that there absolutely is not any sort of hidden message in Wheatley’s (Portal 2) VGA acceptance speech for Game Character of the Year. Those of you who bought into it have been “trolled” according to Valve.

You are being trolled.

There is no ARG.

Wheatley’s speech was set in Portal 2 fiction – that is all.

There has been no directive from Gabe to leak anything. That is all false.

I just want to say this so there is no confusion. This is the community trolling the community nothing more. While it is nice to see people excited about anything HL, I hate seeing people be trolled like this.


Rumors of Gordon Freeman’s next adventure have haphazardly and hellaciously bounced around the internet ever since Half-Life 2: Episode 2 release way back in 2007. Fans were worked into a frenzy not long before this whole Wheatley business took off when a photo of an alleged Valve employee wearing a Half-Life 3 t-shirt made the rounds.

While we here at MTB would be shocked to discover that some sort of HL3 project is not being worked on in some capacity, Valve still isn’t ready to talk about whatever it has next in store for Dr. Freeman. The community manager’s statement could not possibly be any more lucent in that regard, but there’s no doubt that fans will continue reading too explore every cryptic “clue” they come across.

Here’s hoping Valve doesn’t keep us waiting too much longer for the real thing.

[Source: Steam Forums and The Escapist]

[Image via Gamefront.]

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