Commander Shepard ‘Takes Back Earth’

While a little girl makes the mistake of playing in a cornfield.

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The CG trailer for Mass Effect 3 premiered last night during AMC’s The Walking Dead. The “Take Back Earth” trailer presents what’s at stake… Which is, well, Earth; but also the entire galaxy. Still, nothing gets me more fired up to protect all of the planets than the announcement trailer.

The Reapers will launch their all out attack on March 6th in the US and will continue it on March 9th in European territories. Earth has been taken, so has the little girl in the cornfield, you are Commander Shepard. Save often.

Katie Horstman
Katie Horstman
Katie Horstman

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Katie has always had a connection to games and was able to make Super Mario Bros. a motion game before Nintendo even thought of the Wii. She has a serious addiction; an illness if you may, of loving ridiculous games. She has been through an extensive digital rehabilitation, but we fear her addiction is surfacing again.

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