New Downloadable Content Lets You Add Lightning to Your Final Fantasy XIII-2 Party

Get super-pretty-transforming-sword-lady for the paltry price of three bucks!

A mere week after its release, Final Fantasy XIII-2 already has some some piping hot downloadable content for you to purchase. The DLC will allow players to add two characters to their party (as monsters) and all for the small sum of three dollars, or 240 Microsoft Points. Lightning, and Master Sergeant Amodar (also from FFXIII), will be available to battle in the game’s Coliseum once the DLC has been bought. There is an additional catch, however: you need to best them in combat before they will join you.

Considering that the one of the ultimate goals in FFXIII-2 is to find Lightning, it only makes sense that defeating her in battle is no small feat. Eager gamers looking to get the most out of the DLC should consider trying to beat and enlist the new characters only towards the tail-end of their adventure. Initial reports imply that the two characters are intended to be end game content and as such can be tough to defeat.

Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits

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