Todd Howard’s Keynote Addresses Skyrim DLC Candidates

Todd Howard whets the appetite of Skyrim fans.

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As impressive as the latest installment of Elder Scrolls was, there are those that found in somewhat lacking — even some at Bethesda. While the gaming community was eager to task themselves with mods even before the release of the Creation Kit, the developers were also adding a few things for personal fun factor. At DICE 2012, Todd Howard’s Keynote address aired this video that highlighted what could be in the works for future downloadable content. Here’s the full list of the possibilities:

Environmental Tweaks
Seasonal Foliage
With all the beauty that is in the natural landscape design, a logical addition is dynamic changes over time. I never really paid much attention to the months in any Elder Scrolls game. This would give me a reason to.

Flow-based Water Shader
Skyrim has 2 types of look for water: “Standing” and “Raging Rapids.” This new shader looks to add more subtle changes to the flow of water.

Hanging Structures and Moving Platforms in Dungeons
Multi-tiered platforms and sliding platforms activated by switches or puzzles. I don’t see how this could work in existing dungeons; this does imply, however, that new areas may be in a future DLC.

Water Currents in Dungeons
Flowing water in dungeons wouldn’t be for show. You could get swept away in a current.

Dark Dungeons
Dungeons with little or no ambient light…yet full of spiders.

Waygate Fast-Travel
Save yourself some steps and a loading screen and enter a Waygate to travel to different locations.

Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
Real-time rendering of shading.

Enhanced Underwater Visuals
This causes the waters of Skyrim to seem less murky and causing the visuals to have the “bending” effect present when looking underwater.

Snow Footprints
Leave your mark in the snow or track your enemies. Verlet surfaces for non-rigid objects. Squash and stretch applied to objects appropriately.

Fighting Enhancements
The addition of a polearm and its animations to combat. I can only assume it would have its base in the “Two-Handed” Weapon skill, as it is wielded and not thrown.

Ice and Fire Arrows
Oblivion featured arrows you could enchant with these effects. Good to see they could potentially return.

Kill Cams for Magic and Ranged Attacks
Now you can see your spells fell your enemies. Arrows are also followed to your target, much as they do in Fallout.

Kinect for Shouts
Another modder thought this would be a good idea and created “Thu’uMic“. This version will allow XBox 360 players to use their Thu’um as well.

Mounted Combat
Engage an enemy in combat while riding.

Werebear and Lycanthropy Perk Tree
Within the Thief set of skills this adds perks that, while under the influence of a were-form, grant new abilities such as Feral Mastery, Savagery, Toughened Hide, Scenting, Animal Dexterity, Kinship and Resilient Bloodline.

Stealth Enhancements
Water Arrows
Douse a torch from a distance.

Assassin Vision
Detect Life, enhanced for Assassins; like Assassin’s Creed’s “Eagle Vision,” but for Skyrim.

Guards can relight darkened areas.
An AI tweak that will let guards relight a darkened area. Terrible for stealth, a great way to lure an enemy to a location.

Magic Enhancements:
Paralysis Runes
Stop an enemy or group of opponents with a rune trap.

Spell Combinations
Working like Alchemy, combine two spells for an entirely new spell. For example, “Flame” and “Raise Zombie” would result in “Conjure Flame Atronach” while “Fear” and “Healing” combined would grant “Drain Health.”

NPC and Creature Modification and Additions
New Follower Commands
Dictate your follower’s combat style, training style, distance from player, equipment, and more.

Favorite Menu For Followers
Set favorite items for followers as the player can for themselves.

New enemies
Goblins, High Level Draugr, Fat Giants and Colossal Mudcrab.

Epic Mounts
Flaming Skeletal War Horse and Dragon mounts.

Soulbug Familiar
A flying familiar, similar to a Torchbug with a soulgem for a body.

Player Enhancements
Allows you to adopt one of the endearing orphans of Skyrim.

Build Your Own House
Find the perfect location and build your own homestead, complete with a Skeleton Butler.

This included abilities like feeding, commanding Imp minions and becoming a flying Vampire Lord.

While none of these are confirmed at all as actual DLC, it does show the possibilities that came out of just a single week’s effort by the developers. Dovahkiin all over will want to add at least some of these to their gameplay experience.

Source: Gamespot

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