Get a New Taste of The Last of Us in this Cinematic Trailer

Naughty Dog whets our appetites before E3... I'm hungry for more.

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Joel and Ellie are headed west, driving along in a beat up pickup truck with Hank Williams, Sr. serenading them. The Last of Us was unveiled amid numerous announcements around six months ago, then went dark. Naughty Dog has been prepping to show more at E3, but today released a trailer that reveals subtle changes to the game. Ellie has seen some redesign to make her appear more like actress Ashley Johnson (as well as the probable, but unstated, intent of looking less like Ellen Page). The cinematic shows off more of the world of The Last of Us, and takes us inside some of the many trials we’ll face from the perspectives of Joel and Ellie.

Via: Naughty Dog Facebook
Sources: Naughty Dog, IGN
Featured Image: Naughty Dog

Katie Horstman
Katie Horstman
Katie Horstman

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