Destiny PSA: Super Failures

Put a name to the misery you cause other players that you kill while they're using their super.

The In Orbit team plays the Crucible quite a bit, and one of the greatest Crucible joys is killing someone while they’re using their super. With how overpowered and cheesy the supers are, it’s extremely satisfying to cut someone down while they are using it. So much so that we came up with special names for each one. We’ve been using them internally, but it’s time that we contribute something to the community and let you guys in on the lingo. Below are a list of names we call out when we want to let our team mates know we just cut down the dude with the super.

PS: New supers are coming soon, and as soon as we have some footage we’ll update the list.

Arc Sadness

Arc Sadness occurs when a player is killed while using Arc Blade. This happens mostly via someone else using a super, but effects can be worse if a regular weapon is used for the kill. If you have a friend that’s experience Arc Sadness, reach out today.

Golden Tears

Coming across a Golden Gun sucks, except when you kill them first and make them cry Golden Tears.

Nova Depression

Nova Bomb is one of the easier supers to use and will almost certainly get you at least one kill. Players experience Nova Depression after they miss a Nova Bomb and then get killed by the person they missed. Players should see a doctor if symptoms get extreme.

Radiant Tears

Radiant Tears is closely related to Golden Tears, but in this case the tears flow more if the player is put down soon (if not immediately) after resurrecting. Your pride can easily turn into Radiant Tears.

Ward of Disappointment

Players look to the Ward of Dawn as a safe haven, a place where they are protected from the harsh world outside. When the Ward fails them it leaves nothing but hole inside their soul that only has one thing to fill it: disappointment.

Fist of Humiliation

Much like the Nova Bomb, Fist of Havoc is almost certainly a sure thing. Have a player feel the humiliation of completely blowing it by killing them while they do a Fist of Havoc.


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Jarret Redding
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