Interview with Tom Cannon on Rising Thunder Goal’s and Future

Andres talks to Tom Cannon about Rising Thunder's development and future.

Mash Those Buttons is no stranger to fighting games, and at PAX Prime 2015 we got a chance to catch up with Tom Cannon – CEO and programmer for Rising Thunder at Radiant Entertainment. Rising Thunder tries to resolve an age old problem: fighting games reaching the casual audience. By removing a barrier to entry – execution – Rising Thunder hopes to engage players in the strategic part of fighting games faster. We’ve talked about Rising Thunder in our fighting game podcast Double Tap before, but Tom was able to shed some light on the future of Rising Thunder.

Listen as we talk to Tom about Radiant’s goals for Rising Thunder and how him and and his team are trying to expand the Fighting Game Community while staying true to the FGC.

Andres Mirandes
Andres Mirandes
Andres Mirandes


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