WoW! Talk! #97: Ending the Year with the Sha of Fear [LIVE SHOW]

January 2nd, 2018

Its time to turn out the lights for 2017, and Nick, Rei, and Eric are here to do that while taking a stroll back through the Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Springs raids from Mists of Pandaria. As they go through the raid, they talk about what’s been going on. Rei and Eric are 2/11 Heroic in Antorus now. Nick talks about how the Heart of Fear raid and Princess Shek’zeer are tied to the Death Knight campaign. Nick also mentions that he was recently on The Training Dummies podcast to talk about Death Knights, and talks about some of the work he puts in to prepare for his shows.

The gang looks back at Blizzard’s 2017, talking about classic servers and their announcement. Nick also praises Blizzard for putting content out all year – this may well be the first time that happened, and this is probably the first time we’ve had three full raid tiers released in one year. He speculates that 2018 will not be as good, as we are approaching a content drought, and asks Rei if she’s ready to lead Order of Corrupted Souls through that. They also celebrate that this was the year we got to see the Titans and Sargeras in game after years of build and speculation.

Finally, the gang enters the Terrace of Endless Spring and continues to clear bosses with little problem. Nick struggles to keep up with all the loot that’s dropping, and of course everyone has the right combination of classes that they are all competing for tokens. After beating the Sha of Fear in an unremembered Heroic phase, Nick finds Wrathion in the Tavern in the Mists and Eric can’t see him and walks right over him. To close out the show, Nick thanks everyone who sent in emails and tweets and hung out in the chat room and listened to the show. Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year! We’ll see you in 2018! Thanks for listening!


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Rei is the 1 of the 5 SEELE members and the Back Office Manager at MTB. She enjoys social gaming ( AKA gaming as a group IRL and GW / WoW ), cooking, anime, and spending WAY too much time organizing or making more spreadsheets.

Auto mechanic, car enthusiast, gamer, runner and almost never serious, Eric has been ditching responsibilities and gaming since age 7. His favorite genres are FPS and racing, although most of his game time is currently spent on WoW