More Than Meets the Eye — Transformers: Devastation [Review]

Transformers gets the Platinum Games treatment in this fast-paced, stylized throwback.

Platinum Games brings their fast-paced, stylish, and skill-based game play to the Transformers series with Transformers: Devastation. Players will be able to take control of five different Autobots (no controlling Decepticons this time): Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, and Grimlock. Each Transformer has their own stats and excels with different weapons. Stats can be upgraded on any Transformer, as well as being able to equip any weapon you want. Fast-paced, stylized gameplay is Platinums signature, so players familiar with their games will feel right at home. Battles move at high speeds with little time to take a breath, and players will need to master combo and dodge mechanics in order to succeed – especially at higher difficulties.

Being a Transformers game obviously means you can turn into a vehicle. This being a Platinum game obviously means you can use that vehicle mode to attack. Completing combos allows you to use your vehicle attack, which changes depending on which combo you did and where the enemy is in relation to you. While moving at top speed in vehicle mode you can charge an enemy and do a rush attack ­– a powerful attack that will allow you to break their shields if they have one. Platinum makes is easy to smoothly transition between moves and put together multiple combos that allow you to dish out a steady stream of damage. On higher difficulties, this isn’t an option; it’s a must.

The game is some RPG elements. Weapons have levels and perks attached, and defeating enemies or completing certain objectives will gain you more weapons. There are rare weapons you can get by completing some of the more difficult side missions, and you can also get special weapons by defeating bosses like getting Starscreams Blasters, Soundwaves loudspeakers, or Devastators drills. Weapons can be fused together, making use of lower level weapons while making your better weapons stronger. Some of the perks like health regeneration, lower chance to get knocked down, etc. can make it over to your other weapons when infused. You can also create T.E.C.H., which also gives you additional perks.

I had a great time playing Transformers: Devastation. While it was fun, the game also forces you to perform. It doesn’t make things easy. It puts a challenge in front of you and expects you to rise to the occasion, or just not pass. You can listen to my detailed review on this episode of Let’s Get Critical.

Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding

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