MLB 15: The Show

The Difference is in the Details — MLB 15: The Show [Review]

The Show is one of the most anticipated sports games every year, and MLB 15: The Show lives up to the high expectations of fans. In Orbit host and Show fan Jovan Branch talks about new features, attention to detail, and his overall experience with MLB 15: The Show in our very first episode of Let’s Get Critical.


Lighting Effects

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They actually use real satellite data to recreate [the lighting effects], and it looks phenomenal. The lighting, the shadows… You really have to see it to believe it. It's incredible. Everything is so life-like; it's unbelievable the detail they put into this game.

Realistic Looking Night Games

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The night lighting is probably the best I've seen in any in an outdoor sports game. It finally doesn't look dim and dark. You can see the stadium lights and they reflect off the helmets. The way it captures the skin tones… It looks unbelievable. They've definitely done a great job what a night game looks like.

Inside the Show

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[Inside the Show] is a nice addition. I would like to see it fleshed out a bit more, but it's definitely more entertaining hearing someone talking about what's going on in your season than just hearing the soundtrack. To get updates on different game and see how different players are performing I really think it's a great addition and I'm glad they added it.

Directional Hitting

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[Directional hitting] definitely does add depth to the strategy. You can see when the defense shifts, so if you want to hit to a certain part of the field, you can now. You can hit ground balls, you can hit sacrifice fly, you can hit to left side of the field. It works really well.

Play How You Want

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The Show has always been about options, and it's even more so this year. They're always adding options, and the key thing is that they aren't really taking options away. The way you want to play the game is the way you can play the game.

Year-to-Year Saves

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…to not have to [start your franchise from scratch], I think that's going to be something that a lot of people take notice of and going to start to request [year-to-year saves]. I think a lot of other companies are going to try to add that to their game, and The Show is the first. It's a big edition. I think it's huge.

AI is Sharp, But Fielders Need Work

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I would like to see the AI fielders be a little bit more aggressive to the ball. Some of the balls hit out into the field get past and they shouldn't, if they would have gotten an earlier jump on it. Other than that the AI is as sharp as I've seen it.

Solid Addition

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If you're even slightly interested in baseball, pick this game up. It's a solid addition to your library. It's a solid addition to The Show.

MLB 15: The Show
SCEA San Diego Studios
    Lighting with seasonal crowds and shadows look phenomenal
    Year-to-Year saves
    Deep gameplay and modes
    Tons of options for players
    Fielder's aren't aggressive enough
    Maybe Not enough improvements for show veterans
    Would like to see more new animations next year
    Would like to see different animations based on player body type

MLB 15: The Show is a great addition to the series. The theme this year was a bit light on innovation, but heavy focus on polish more than makes up for it. Dynamic difficulty will help ease new players in, while veterans will return to a game they love with more options than before.

This game was reviewed on PS4.
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