We analyze Tekken 8’s Eddy Gordo trailer, focusing on his new hairstyle and moves. We share impressions of A.B.A in Guilty Gear Strive, discussing her strengths and weaknesses. Evo Japan registration numbers are examined, especially for the most popular games. In the Focus Attack segment, we discuss Guilty Gear Strive’s development goals in light of recent developer statements and revisit the debate between older and newer games in terms of skill and accessibility.


Andres Mirandes

Video gaming runs in his blood and competition plagues his mind. From the earliest days in the now extinct arcades, to the eSports competitive scene, he looks forward to the next game to test his skills. No stranger to rising salt levels.

Gabriel Medina

I've been playing video games for a while now. I enjoy racing games, RPGs, but spend most of my time with fighting games. My first goal was to get better than my brothers, but now I strive to be better than most while also teaching others.

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