A slow week, but still filled with lots of goodies in a bag, and it isn’t even Christmas anymore. CrashTag and Mezza tackle the ever so intriguing Enchantress in Injustice 2. They dive deep into what she might be capable of, and possibilities of NetherRealm staying true to their overly powered DLC character releases. King Of Fighters brings us an original Japanese manga that has only released two chapters but introduces us to the new teams and bonds formed during the “New Beginnings” of King of Fighters XIV.

Square Enix plans to do a Pre-Launch event online for Dissidia. Talk of release and an early showcasing of the game and possible gameplay matches. Final Fantasy Final’s event will take place, so the DoubleTap team will be covering it and giving you the scoop on the turnouts. Hayate EIN breaks down all of Soulcalibur VI gameplay. From returning mechanics, current mechanics, and even some new mechanics to fill your palette if you haven’t received enough. There will also be a playable build at EVO Japan and you know Crashtag will be all over it while at Evo Japan. Capcom finishing off the updates with training mode colors to help casuals and even veterans with frame data in-game. Also SFV: Arcade Edition patch notes have been released but not finalized.

In our “Randoms of the FGC”, we have the Goku voice actor and Vegeta voice actor wanting to go head to head and FUNimation is willing to be behind it as well as Mr. Wizard who runs Evo. Cooperation Cup Highlights was created by XusesGB for all your Street Fighter: 3rd Strike needs. The Team will be taking a trip out this weekend to Atlantic City, New Jersey to compete and produce the tournament for “Go For Broke/N3rd Street Gamers Esports network. Last but not least the mods are booming this week with BrutalAce kicking it off with a Laura X Mileena mod for SFV.

Carol gets a Resident Evil 6 makeover in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Ultron finds himself becoming a bit of a knight in shining armor with his new mod. Tekken 7 has become a possibility on the PSP with these new interesting updated community mods to make Tekken 7 on the go using a previous version of Tekken for the PSP.


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