Finally the boys are back in town, literally! CrashTag & Mezza tackle some interesting topics. Mezza has instant transmission into the game updates as he kicks it off with Blazblue Cross Tag Battle. The release trailer for Naoto from Persona 4 Arena, Vatista from Under Night In Birth, and Hakumen from Blazblue. There was also another surprise that Arcsystemworks left the team a little in confusion but in agreement with Yang’s gameplay and concept.

NetherRealms drops an April patch and no its not April fools! Injustice 2 saw some bug fixes and a few balance patches that may or may not test the waters for a new tier list. Bandai shows us the true power in a trailer of Zamasu (Fused) and the team speculates on whether this new patch to come will break the game in a negative or positive way. Kratos might be a possibility to join the new Soulcalibur VI game as God of War just released and seems to have some mechanics that could be useful in the new Soulcalibur VI system. Faulk is finally release and her patch came with some hidden changes that could effect some characters. CrashTag gets really hype over the Astaroth costume for M.Bison as it seems very fitting for an opposing force.

In the “Randoms of The FGC” EchoFox picks up a new powerhouse “Dekillsage”. The semi pro org WitchDoctorGG picks up a few players working their way up the ladder Tiso, Zangestu, Apollo, RiceMaster. The Summit has released a chance to nominate players who have placed high enough to qualify through votes. Puzzle Fighter for the phone will be seeing the last of its days when it closes shop this summer. In the new “Plug and Play” section which talks all hardware. Mezza dives deep into what a traveler might need. He speaks about the “Street Fighter Shadaloo Psycho Transporter Xl bag”. Suggesting also 3.5mm headphone jack splitter for when on the road playing at tournaments.

Last but not least a noobs guide to stick purchasing aka get the Hori Qanaba for a starter stick. “Focus Attack” covers Eleague Challengers first episode and brings a few guest on to the show to talk about the new character Faulk, on her pros/cons.


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