The Spice Bois offer some “constructive” criticism on a recent Twitter post from Pro Apex player NiceWigg, the #1 controller player on PC, and give our thoughts on the Apex developers transparency, inspired by a reddit post from yoshidawgs called “The Respawn Fallacy”. Drop with us this week to get our thoughts on these spicy subjects!

Is Apex Dying?

Popular streamer NiceWigg has made several controversial Twitter posts recently about Apex He first Tweeted “Apex is at its worst state right now and it’s making it borderline unplayable for me. Crashes, bugs, horrible gun meta, I’m trying to stay positive but this stuff its ruining any experience I am having when I am on. Please fix your game, it has infinite potential.” He later Tweeted “This tweet blew up and I wanna make it clear that I am going to continue to support Apex and play it every day. I’m staying positive and I believe we still have a super bright game ahead of us. But I will always keep it real. Keep pushing, this rough patch I know they will fix.”

These aren’t the first Tweets he’s made complaining about the game, however. He also complained heavily about the charge rifle and sound to an extent it riled up the community in a big way. He’s also known to trash talk on Twitter (opinion) overall, his Tweets appear to be highly inconsistent. Praising the game, claiming to be hopelessly addicted in one tweet and bashing it heavily in the next, saying “Why Apex is declining in casual player base/viewership summed up in 45 seconds” Is Apex really dying? Well, according to the current Twitch viewership numbers, it’s more likely stabilizing, not declining.

Constructive Criticism or Complaining? You decide…

Reddit user yoshidawgz posted the following in reddit: “The Respawn Entertainment Fallacy” ( Lack of communication in the past few months from Respawn is “completely unacceptable”. (Despite the DevStream being posted on October 11th).(to be fair have we had another Devstream? I might have missed it) Changes to the charge rifle were communicated through a “completely uncommunicated server patch” until the mod of the subreddit pressured them to respond almost 12 hours later… Wanted info on duos or a permanent game mode and firing range (was shown on stream, but no date was given) No explanation on why they “dynamaxed the fucking peacekeeper without testing whether it might be a little too insane”, but likes the sniper buffs “The fact their player base remains strong is solely a testament to the core gameplay that they built, and not the horrible support that has followed” – How do you all feel about this? “They’re taking your money, and not even trying to use it to improve your experience” – How do you feel about this statement? Makes 2 edits, one apologizing for some of his comments and two, betting reddit users play cod because they cant accept constructive criticism.


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