We got a lot of news this week about Overwatch League’s talent roster, streaming deals and more, as the 2020 Season comes one week closer. We begin this week’s show by discussing the recent announcements regarding this year’s broadcast talent, including the confirmation of Soe, MrX, and Uber’s services, and the promotion of Jaws to the OWL Casting roster. We discuss the impact of these announcements on the 2020 Season, and speculate about the different casting energy that a Jaws + Hexagrams duo can bring to the table. We also drop a double dose of F’s in the Chat this week after Custa and the Houston Outlaws each get stuck in sticky situations. We also unveil a new segment called Worst Take of the Week, we discuss the most outlandish and nonsensical opinion most recently thrown into the Overwatch Scene.

Next, we discuss incredible announcement of Activision Blizzard’s partnership with YouTube for all of its esports streaming. We talk about the landmark deal’s effect on Overwatch League, as well as YouTube’s long term future in esports. We discuss the pros and cons of the deal, and talk about how this may even be a change for the better.

Lastly, we discuss the most recent additions to the 1.44 patch players will soon compete on. We discuss the changes to each hero and how they affect their overall viability in OWL level competition. We also discuss the possible continued prevalence of certain heroes and what future changes must be made to improve the current state of the game.


Julian Quezada

Julian is an Overwatch podcaster and host of Push the Point. He's an avid fan of Disney movies, Star Wars, and losing SR points. You can typically find him watching/playing Overwatch, or watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Chris Lobosco

LoBosco is an esports broadcaster who has wandered his way over to podcasting. As if casting every chance he can wasn't enough, now he wants to talk about Overwatch League as much as he casts. You can hear him with Ramses on Push the Point.

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