In part 1 of our Summer Showdown coverage, we’re recapping all of the action in the North American bracket. We go through each round, from knockouts all the way to the Grand Final match, covering player performances and key moments in each game. With several huge upsets occurring throughout the bracket, there’s a lot to learn about each team and their post tournament standings. Lastly, we follow the paths through the bracket of our finals competitors, and break down each map in the final game.

There’s so much amazing Overwatch content to cover this week! Be on the lookout for our recap of the Asian Pacific region later this week.


Julian Quezada

Julian is an Overwatch podcaster and host of Push the Point. He's an avid fan of Disney movies, Star Wars, and losing SR points. You can typically find him watching/playing Overwatch, or watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Chris Lobosco

LoBosco is an esports broadcaster who has wandered his way over to podcasting. As if casting every chance he can wasn't enough, now he wants to talk about Overwatch League as much as he casts. You can hear him with Ramses on Push the Point.

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