This week Mike & Rob join forces to discuss this weeks ‘State Of The Game’, maintenance and fixes, no challenge mode for Clear Sky yet, the impact of the 1.2 so far, and a Division Movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal. We also briefly come up with what our film would be? We end the show with a couple of discussions from you guys.


1. from Andy Marshall:

Ive was playing with bryan SPark and a couple others agents last night and was thinking Destiny needs a special vendor like Xur in Destiny. I’d imagine (s)he would be a first wave agent who became a scavenger / smuggler / arms dealer and still lives in the dark zone – they pop up for a couple days a week somewhere in the dz and sells one off / good roll items and maybe some special dz themed clothes. No dz rank required and accepts pCredits – this would mean people who aren’t massive dz players have another reason to go in there but have to fight / sneak there way to where they’re selling stuff…

Anyway, thought it was a cool idea – something to talk about on the next podcast?

2. Jody brown ask us:

Can you discuss how to maximize armor?

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