Nick, Chip,and Kura are back to talk about Wrex and the Genophage in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Nick starts off talking about how the origins of the Krogan-Rachni War, but Chip corrects him and points out that the Salarian lifted up the Krogan and brought them in to fight the Rachni. They talk about how Tuchanka, the Krogran homeworld is a tough place to survive, and as such, a high fertility rate for the Krogan made sense on their planet. Taking the Krogan out into space and letting them colonize other, less harsh planets meant that more Krogran could survive, and thus they attacked an Asari settlement in their quest to expand. They discuss the Krogan Rebellion, and they talk about how the Turian were discovered behind the Krogan, and were able to be brought into the conflict. Meanwhile, the Salarian developed the genophage to restrict Krogan reproduction to about one in a thousand, which has left the Krogan on the verge of extinction. The squad compares the harshness of the punishment to concepts like incarceration as far as the magnitude of punishment.

Next, they talk about Wrex and his role on the team. They discuss how he joined the party at C-Sec, and then how he takes a while to open up to Shepard. They discuss Shepard’s encounter where they misspeak about the genophage and Wrex puts the Commander in their place. The group also talks about Wrex trying to take responsibility for the genophage but being attacked by his father and having to kill him because of it. They also talk about Wrex’s exploits, including the time he has a brush with Saren and his fight against an Asari Commando that destroyed a space station. They review Wrex’s quest for his family armor which involves raiding a base and killing Tonn Actus.

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