Nick, Chip, and Kura are back to finally finish up talking about the Mass Effect 2 leg of their journey through the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week they dive into the final part of the game: the Arrival DLC. They begin by talking about having to sneak into Batarian space without getting caught. Kura brings up that this mission makes sense for a Spectre due to its infiltration aspect.

After recapping the mission, they talk about the Reapers arriving. They talk about how the Reapers planned to enter the galaxy, and Nick points out a recent article that says that a cuttlefish design is more efficient for motion. They mention eavesdropping on the Batarians as a way of gathering information with respect to Kenson and her plans for sabotage, and also how there are hints that Kenson may be struggling to hold it together. They talk about the nature of Spectres to work alone, and Chip points out that this is a solo mission because they didn’t want to pay for other voice actors. Nick mentions a gap that Shepard can’t jump over, and they talk about the Batarian base being in a state of disrepair. They discuss Batarian society and compare it to real world countries. They mention the appearance of Harbinger and compare it to the reveal of Sovereign in ME1. They talk about doing the mission earlier in the game. They note the consistency of Batarian DLC involving asteroids.

They wonder about the timer on Kenson’s base, and mention their experiences trying to win the fight that you are supposed to lose. They talk about the feasibility of having a spare relay in the middle of nowhere. They ponder Kenson’s indoctrination, and comment on the personalization that was given to the guards. They talk about blowing up the Batarian system and the concept of the needs of the many vs. the needs of the few. They wonder if the Batarians, generally presented as vicious, are worthy of empathy. Chip points out that Harbringer appears as the Collector General if you do the mission earlier. They talk about the nature of Reaper indoctrination and can it be avoided.

Finally, they wrap up Mass Effect 2, by trying to figure out where it stands in the pantheon of games of the 2010s.

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