Nick and Katie are back to talk more about the revelations of the Patch 7.2 PTR. Class Halls will be getting new champions! Death Knights get Minerva Ravensorrow, who Nick doesn’t even remember from his time as a Death Knight. Demon Hunters get Lady S’theno, who is interesting because she is a Naga. Druids get Thisalee Crow, and Nick is excited because he liked her from his time spent in Firelands at Aviana’s Shrine. She also was the Alliance Druid Follower earned from completing the Garrison Quests in Warlords of Draenor.

Hunters get Nighthuntress Syrenne who is apparently a Nightborne. Monks get Almai. Paladins get Nerus Moonfang who is a Night Elf Paladin, which is interesting since that is not a common paladin race-class combination. Could Night Elf Paladins be coming in the next expansion? Who expected we’d get Dreadlord Paladins in Legion? And what we now know about E’lune and the Light might make Elven Paladins logical in the Warcraft lore. Priests get Aelthalyste which Katie can’t pronounce. Rogues get Tess Greymane and Lillian Voss. Its not known whether this means that followers will be assigned by faction, or if players will get a choice, or if Rogues will simply get two followers while most other classes get one.

Mages get Aethas Sunreaver, and Katie and Nick agree he’s a bit of a heel, and its probably good that neither play a mage. After arguing about Aethas’ value, they discuss the fact that Shamans get Magatha Grimtotem. Nick is a bit disappointed because her unresolved story left open after Thousand Needles was one of Blizzard’s more intriguing plot hooks, and he hopes that they can make her partnership with the Shaman a compelling reward, more so than how the story of “What will Sylvanas do with Koltira after Anderhol?” was handled in the Death Knight campaign. Magatha would be a top level villain, and it is surprising to find her in the list. Also surprising was that Warlocks get Kanrethad Ebonlocke, back from his banishment at the end of the Green Fire quest.

At least he makes a bit more sense, because this is the equivalent of Warlocks breaking the banishment-glass in case of a Legion-emergency. Warrios get Darius Crowley and Eitrigg, who are both well respected choices. Paladins get Maximillian of Northshire and Katie is excited, encouraging everyone to do his quests in Un’goro Crater.


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