Stage 2 playoffs are here! In Episode 7, Ramses and Lobosco cover the big outcomes from week 5’s matches. They talk about the notable upsets and surges from playoff hopefuls, and some big wins from low level teams. They cover the San Francisco Shock’s undefeated stage, and undefeated map record, and whether they can ride this momentum into the Stage 2 playoffs.

The hosts cover the Stage 2 playoffs, including bracket standings and potential upsets. They make their playoff matchup predictions, and speculate on the eventual Stage 2 Playoff winners.

Next, they discuss recent rumours from Benchmob surrounding a potential academy team requirement for all OWL teams. They discuss the pro’s and cons of these possible changes, and their potential impact on both contenders and OWL.

Lastly, the hosts give some F’s in the Chat for the Houston Outlaws and their winless Stage 2. They cover the troubles surrounding their parent Optic, the recent Immortals bid, and Lobosco makes an impassioned plea for a Chicago OWL team.


Nick Zielenkievicz

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