The long wait is over… Nick and Katie are here to FINALLY talk about Aszuna. But first, the duo discusses the quest to get the Falcosaur mounts. Nick isn’t getting the quest to trigger when he summons his pet, so he wonders if he needs to have some pet battling experience. This prompts a discussion of pet battling, which Nick has not done since Mists of Pandaria beta. Katie also shares that she’s been running Throne of Thunder lately. Finally, Aszuna.

Nick talks about how the zone was originally intended to be the starting zone for Legion (before level-scaling was developed) and the zone feels like the most randomly-assembled of all the Legion zones. The shipwreck cove, the Azurewing Repose, the Court of Farondis, the Vault of the Wardens, and the Legion invasion all seem to be rather different, as opposed to the other zones which feel more unified. The wardens being in Aszuna feels especially incongruous, since they are so close to the isolated Nightborne in Suramar. Outside of Cordana’s small role in the zone, the Wardens are rather inconsequential for the area.

The zone begins with Khadgar sending you in to fight the Legion. After claiming some demon souls for interrogation, the player learns that the Legion is kidnapping and trying to turn Illidari. The player frees the Illidari but finds one single Demon Hunter that was turned by Cordana Felsong (Nick and Katie discuss her name as it relates to her fate.). After killing the Demon Hunter, players free a blue dragon and visit the Azurewing Repose, where they fight the withered and some Nightborne channeling ley energy that the Blue Dragonflight need. This is where Runas is introduced, and Katie laments him appropriately.

After helping the Blue Dragons, we are then introduced to the Court of Farondis. Prince Farondis stood up to Queen Azshara 10000 years ago during the first war, and her response was to break the Tidestone of Golganneth and use its energy to trap Farondis and his subjects as ghosts for eternity. As such, Farondis’ people do not like him, so the player must help battle the Naga so the Prince can earn the respect of his people. Having done that, the player is allowed entry into the Hogwarts-esque Narthalas Academy, but before the Tidestone can be obtained, Azshara’s minions arrive to kidnap the player. Farondis comes to the rescue by inverting the quest dynamics, and ultimately, the player must head into the Eye of Azshara to claim the Pillar of Creation and complete the zone.


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