Nick is here all alone to talk about the recent lore reveals from the Tazavesh Lore Book datamined by WoWhead. Nick goes through Al’farim’s saga as he starts describing fractals and geometry that he encountered in his study of the First Ones. He talks about how the First One’s Sepulcher is not the same as the Sepulcher of Knowledge in Maldraxxus. He compares Al’farim to Copernicus as someone who drastically changes a society’s cosomological perspective and is derided as a heretic until proven right. He speculates that this is what the Grimoire of the Shadowlands will be like. He talks about the potential for there to be other Pantheons we don’t know about yet, including the possiblility that Elune is actually multiple beings. He discusses how Al’firim sees fractals and compares those fractals to the way that the lore expands as you dive into it. He talks about how Zovaal is also looking for the knowledge of the First Ones, and wonders if part of that knowledge is the use of Domination magic, which could the Al’firim’s mysterious seventh force.

Next, he discusses some reveals from the Patch 9.1 cinematic of Tyrande vs Sylvanas. He talks about how Elune abandoned Tyrande just as she was about to go in for the kill, and wonders if this could relate to the Ilgynoth whisper about the Light making a deal with the enemy of all. He then speculates that the Jailer and Elune could have worked together once, and Elune got away while the Jailer was left behind to become the Banished One. He talks about how he thinks that Banshee Sylvanas is the “her” in the “the hour of her third death” whisper, and expects we’ll kill her in the raid. He thinks that with the Jailer free, he could go after Elune for betraying him, or to reclaim what should have been his/theirs, and thinks it would be fascinating if this story takes us into the realm of Light.

Finally, he compares the Sylvanas-Tyrande fight to pro-wrestling, with a turn by Elune and the Jailer and Sylvanas ending with beef.

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