We start with a quick skit/parody of Safe Haven, and then Nick and Katie can’t wait so they immediately jump in to talking about the new cinematic. Nick finally reins the conversation in so Katie can talk about her experience leveling her Zandalari druid and her enjoyment of War Mode. Nick, meanwhile, unlocked the Dark Iron Dwarves and he talks a little about how their questchain sent him to the Motherlode dungeon.

Sky, who is partaking on a 2600 mile trip on the PCT, wrote in asking about what we thought might happen in patch 8.3 and beyond. Katie couldn’t speculate too much because she’s avoiding 8.2 spoilers, but she and Nick agreed that The Black Empire would make sense for 9.0 as the theme for the new expansion. This lead to a discussion of how Blizzard should revamp the old world zones again, and they shouldn’t be afraid it would be wasted effort.

Finally, Nick and Katie dig into Safe Haven properly. Nick makes some comments about Thrall’s hair. They debate whether Sylvanas really did send assassins to kill Thrall or if there’s something else going on. They talk about the whereabouts of Thrall’s family and why he would be so hesitant to share that information with Saurfang. Nick also looks at the story of Saurfang as its been presented across the cinematics, and starts to predict where this might be going. They also admire how Thrall is growing into looking like Durotan. And they appreciate Saurfang’s ability to break a rogue out of stealth by snapping their neck. They both agree they are glad to have Thrall back in the Horde.

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