Blizzard released the first of four Afterlives animated shorts on Thursday, and Katie and Nick couldn’t wait to talk about it. The cinematic focuses on what happened to Uther after he died, so the duo begins by talking about Uther’s life.

They talk about how Uther was an apprentice to Alonsus Faol, who then selected him to become part of the Order of the Silver Hand. Uther was given the Libram of Justice and served with Anduin Lothar and Turalyon. In the Second War, the paladins fought the orc death knights and won. Uther later discovered the betrayal of the Alliance by Alterac, and then fought in the battle of Blackrock Spire. Turalyon christened him the Lightbringer. Uther led the assault against the Burning Blade at the Dark Portal.

Uther then takes on Arthas as a student, who he sees as a son. Nick and Katie enjoy the fact that Uther gave Arthas ceremonial shoulderplates. Arthas starts to fall under the sway of the Lich King, which culminates in the Culling of Stratholme. Arthas eventually kills Uther, but his story does not end there. Uther is entombed in the Western Plaguelands, and quests in Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King had players interacting with his ghost.

Now caught up, the pair are able to talk about the cinematic. They talk about how Arthas plays such a key role in the cinematic, and speculate on what his role in Shadowlands will be. They look at Uther’s invocation of the Light just before dying, and wonder if the Light isn’t responsible for what’s happening in Bastion. They examine how Uther’s soul was split, and consider if that could be an effect of being stabbed by Frostmourne. In particular, they wonder about another famous victim of Frostmourne, Sylvanas. They talk about Devos and Uther become dark angels and wonder just who the bad guys in Bastion will be. Nick congratulates Blizzard on using Arthas to market Shadowlands.

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Katie Grace

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