Katie is back from Blizzcon and she brought Kavo from Patch Day with her to talk all about it! Nick kicks the show off before disappearing for fatherly duties so Katie and Kavo are left to discuss all the fun they had!

Kavo starts off talking about meeting youtubers and streamers at Con Before the Storm, where he was part of the Meet & Greet. He also got to sign a boob! Katie went to the WoWHead party to get the WoWHead pin. She also managed to meet Terran Gregory who signed her jacket! She also won some goblin art at Con Before the Storm.

At Blizzcon, the crowd was so tight Kavo and his friends clipped themselves to each other to stay together. They were surprised at the increased security this year, with a sniper on the roof and bomb-sniffing dogs out in force. Their favorite announcement from the show floor was that Kezan will be a dungeon in the upcoming expansion! Katie also managed to meet Ion Hazzikostas and asked him about Undermine, which he said would probably appear in a South Seas expansion. This lead to a discussion between Katie and Kavo about how many survivors of the Cataclysm on Kezan would be left, after the events of the Goblin starting zone experience.

Kavo says that Battle for Azeroth’s focus on the faction wars will be good for PVP fans. They also discuss the massive diorama that was on the show floor. Kavo laments that his goblin character was too small to see without the use of a camera. He did find himself fighting on the front lines.

They both liked the Battle for Azeroth cinematic but lamented that there were no Goblins in it. Kavo did not recognize Saurfang at first. Katie wondered where the other faction leaders are during this fight. She is also upset with the burning of Teldrassil, as that is where she started the game. Katie suspects that Battle for Azeroth will culminate with Old God influence. Kavo mentions that he likes to think that the Tauren in the cinematic is Baine, who will be getting a new model in BfA. They talk about Baine’s possible role in recruiting the Highmountain Tauren. Katie wants to see more Gallywix, and they both wonder who’s leading the trolls.

Kavo mentions that the blood trolls on Zandalar are frightening to a goblin. He is hoping to stream the beta but is concerned about Blizzard placing NDA’s upon the beta. They discuss the Highmountain Tauren again, and then share surprise at the Nightborne joining the Horde. Katie thinks the new snake race in the troll area is awesome, and she is disappointed that it is evil. #katiegotsalty Meanwhile, Kavo loves the new Jaina model. They discuss hunched horde races, and don’t mind that there’s no Goblin model update coming but agree that Worgen needs a new model. Sylvanas is still a bad ass faction leader, and Vol’jin will turn up (in an urn!) and hopefully bring closure to his storyline. Could Vol’jin turn into a loa? Katie is disappointed that the faction war continues.

The discussion turns back to the cinematic again, and how effective Sylvanas and Anduin are at rallying their people. Thrall is returning, and this leads to a discussion of Chris Metzen’s lowkey Blizzcon presence this year. Kavo wants Ben Brode to have a bigger role in Blizzard presentations.

Kavo was excited to go to Blizzcon for a Warcraft announcement. Katie says that everyone needs to go at least once. They agree it was too short and want a third day.

Also, BlizzardWorld should be built for real!

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