Nick and Katie are back to talk about the Sylvanas cinematic that was officially released as part of the 9.2 PTR. They immediately get into it, with Nick sniping at reddit comments he read complaining about the underdevelopment of the Jailer and “bad writing.” They talk about how this cinematic is starting to give the answers people were looking for in the cinematic at the end of the Sanctum of Domination. Katie celebrates that our speculation that Sylvanas would be split (based off the Uther Afterlives short) panned out. They look at how the cinematic addresses the concept of redemption and forgiveness from the point of view of the other characters, especially Baine.

They point out the characters are not there to forgive Sylvanas and prove that she has yet to earn any sort of redemption, including by herself. They discuss the ability for characters to pass between each other through their wounds, which leads to Nick comparing Sylvanas to a very creepy starfish. They evaluate the role of the Ranger-General part of Sylvanas in taking responsibility for her other half’s actions, and her nobility in doing so. Nick considers how little free will the Ranger-General is given, and notes the irony as free will was a major motiviation for Banshee Sylvanas. Katie points out that despite being in Warcraft III, Sylvanas and Uther never met each other before. They compare the role of Arthas in Wrath of the Lich King to the Jailer in the Shadowlands. Nick wonders how swapping the Shadowlands expansion with the Jailer and making it fit as 8.2 while expanding Nyalotha and N’Zoth into a full blown expansion would have worked.

Nick comments that the PTR and betas are hurting WoW’s ability to tell a narrative. Katie rebuts.

Katie answers a question about headcanon in arenas.

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Katie Grace

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