Finally, the trial of Genn Greymane is here! Except its not really a trial its just a discussion. But first, Katie talks about her working with her alts and hitting a point where she feels like she’s done most of what she’s needed to. Nick is working on his artifact appearances for his warlock and death knight. Katie thinks they should run some battlegrounds.

Alisaunder emailed in about Wrathion and his relationship to the Old Gods. Nick says that we have to take him at his word, but we really have nothing to base that on, and his visions for the Legion invasion seem to have come out of nowhere. Scott emailed in to say that we think too hard about some topics, like applying the science of tides to Azeroth and Argus, but Nick and Katie argue that overthinking is fun and kinda what they do.

Finally, its time to talk about Genn Greymane. Katie starts with a bit of history about Gilneas, and they look at how it reluctantly participated in the second war. After the war, Genn decided to withdraw from the Alliance after being upset about having to fund the internment camps and Nethergarde Keep. Genn seems to trust Lord Godrey, Baron Ashbury, and Lord Walden, three Gilnean nobles who go on to become the bosses in Shadowfang Keep. He sacrifices his friendship with Lord Darius Crowley when he builds a wall, cutting off part of Crowley’s lands outside Gilneas. Crowley leads an insurrection which gets him locked up, but the wall proves useful when the Scourge come.

Looking for a way to survive the invasion, Genn tasks Archmage Arugal with summoning the worgen. This balks the undead, but now the feral worgen must be dealt with. One of them infect Genn, who hypocritically hides his wound. The Worgen claim Gilneas City as Genn and the surviving citizens flee to the coast. They are there when the Cataclysm splits open the wall just as the Forsaken attack from the sea. Genn is driven to Darnassus, where he attempts to finally join the Alliance to Varian’s frustration. A softer Genn serves as Varian’s advisor and a mentor for Anduin.

Genn’s character arc is intended to show a stubborn man softening as he is defeated. Do you think that absolves Genn for his selfish actions earlier? Let us know at!


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