Character balance never rests. After the latest round of nerfs and buffs, Blizzard has set their eyes on another target: Bastion. Looks like they don’t like him being a one trick pony, so they want to make him viable in more situations. This feels like it may lead to more annoyance than anything. D.Va is also getting a small buff that may help her protect teammates better against point blank attacks. Some seem to think it will mostly impact Roadhog players, but how often are they doing close range hooks.

Speaking of Roadhog, the big guy seems to be doing a bit too good right now. We predict some possible nerfs heading his way to make him feel like less of a must pick. We also discuss the LFG experience in Overwatch, as Jaa’s favorite LFG looks like it may be making a come back. After that we get into some user feedback as well.


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