With Gamescom here and season 6 on the horizon, change is coming. Blizzard announced a new map: Junkertown. Set in a post-apocalyptic Australia, Junkertown gives us a bit of insight on where Junkrat and Roadhog hail from. Based on a short cinematic released by Blizzard, the scenario is that we are looking to escort a payload of riches that secretly are explosives to Queen Junk. Fitting for the Junkrat/Roadhog pair.

D.Va is looking to get a lot of changes. It looks like Blizzard is trying to turn her back into a bully, giving her the ability to fire while boosting, and fitting her with mini-rockets. We are also going to see a lot of changes in season 6. Shorter season, changes to control maps, changes to placement matches, and more.

Additionally we will be seeing some changes to Doomfist’s fist hitbox soon, as well as some changes to Mercy, and console reporting is finally going live. All this and more on this episode of Watchpoint Radio!


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