The latest Overwatch comic sheds some light on the hierarchy of Talon. Even though Jeff Kaplan says that Talon is run by a council of leaders, it doesn’t seem that way. Doomfist appears to be the one wearing the pants around there, and anyone who wants to try on the pants gets dealt with. Speaking of pants, weapon skins. We might be getting some. Blizzard released a behind the scenes video that accidentally(?) revealed that weapon skins and even new weapon models may be coming in the future. The question is will they come in loot boxes, or will you need to trade CP?

We also dig into boosters hurting competitive, and what Blizzard may be able to do stop them from dropping rank. Jeff Kaplan dove into their balance philosophy, Michael Chu confirmed there are no plans for another ARG, and Scott Mercer talked changes coming to Roadhog on the PTR. They’ve been busy in the forums this week. All this and more on this episode of Watchpoint Radio.


Jarret Redding

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