Blizzard dropped a huge update on the PTR last week that STILL wasn’t Sombra. Big balance changes to many characters. Some welcome, some not, and some are just puzzling. You may think we need to take it easy, but remember, Blizzard has made questionable changes to characters before that felt unneeded (R.I.P. console Symmetra). We also got some confirmation from Blizzard on something WPR listeners already knew: Placement Matches were broken. Turns out that the system they used for season 2 filtered way too many players into Gold and Platinum, as well as placing players higher than they should have been.

The PTR is testing the new placement system Overwatch is hoping to use in Competitive Season 3, so we talk a bit about those changes to help those falling Diamond players… and gloat a little. We also got a bit more information on how MMR affects SR gain/loss, and while it did help us dig a bit deeper into how SR works, it also left behind some new questions. Additionally, are console players being treated like second-class citizens by Blizzard? At least one forum user thinks so, but at least he got a reply from Jeff. We discuss all this and more on this episode of Watchpoint Radio.


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